3D Universe's Toon Generations 2
3D Universe 's Toon Generations 2 - Image 01

3D Universe has released their Toon Generations 2 figures and I have to say they are awesome. They are based on the Genesis 3 figure base by DAZ 3D, which means they can wear clothing designed for the Genesis 3 base figure line. The new figures also adds an option to auto-fit Toon Generations 1 clothing on the new Toon Generation 2 figures. And, of course, you can use the auto-fit tool to auto-fit past Genesis clothing on to them with mixed results, as usual.

Ditto for hair, as well. You now have a library of Genesis 3 hair to choose from if that is what you want to make your characters look more to your liking; i.e., more realistic hair like you see on Andy in Toy Story 3.

Another plus of the Genesis 3 base is that you can mix Genesis 3 morphs with the Toon Generations 2 morphs to create different stylized characters so you don’t have to stick with just the Toon Generations 2 morphs.

Toon Generations 2 includes the entire family out of the box, from a toddler to a 60-year-old.

I recommend the:

Toon Generations 2 Mega Bundle for Genesis 3 Female(s) and Male(s)

to get up and running with everything you need.

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