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Welcome to the 3D Librarian blog where I will have tips and tricks for Windows, 3D/CGI applications (like DAZ Studio and Poser), and my commentary on whatever strikes my fancy.

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Heliades-class Space Exploration Vehicle

Purchase this artwork on apparel (such as t-shirts), stickers, phone cases, art prints, and more. From Fine Art America or Red Bubble Scene: An exploration team of two exit their rover and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the planet Eve-347 IV. Vessel: Heliades-class,...

Biker Girl

"She's wearing her high heels, which looks a bit strange, but I imagine her on the run and having stolen this bike in an emergency get-away attempt..." by concept artist Steven Hägg Ståhlberg on January 12, 1999. This is my version of the famous Biker Girl by concept...

Toon Generations 2

3D Universe has released their Toon Generations 2 figures and I have to say they are awesome. They are based on the Genesis 3 figure base by DAZ 3D, which means they can wear clothing designed for the Genesis 3 base figure line. The new figures also adds an option to...